3 simple exercises to help you get in shape at home

3 simple exercises to help you get in shape at home

One thing should be clear: it won’t be easy to motivate yourself. To do this, you have to overcome your inner temptations, but don’t lose hope, because it’s quite easy to lose weight and define muscle if you pay attention to the right training and nutrition.

Forget about isolation training in gym. When it comes to training, gym addresses all muscle groups simultaneously. This burns tons of calories and makes you really work up a sweat. Not only do the exercises address as many muscles as possible at the same time, but several muscle chains are also activated at the same time in the workouts. It is the ideal whole-body workout.

Step by step, we’ll tell you which gym skills you can practice at home. A skill is too easy for you? Then challenge yourself and grab heavier dumbbells.


Skill 1 – Front squat

The movement is done with the dumbbells at shoulder height in front of your body. As a result, the center of gravity is shifted and the core is stressed differently than, for example, with a back squat. 

Starting position:

  • The foot position is slightly wider than hip-wide, toes point forward
  • Perform a slow squat with arms crossed on your shoulders 
  • Bring your elbows up for a straight and stable back


Skill 2 – Reverse Lunge & Overhead Press

Moving the dumbbells upwards at the same time with the lunge requires a lot of body tension and balance control.

Starting position (lunge):

  • Feet together, then in the lunge, only so far back that both legs are bent 90 degrees – no further 
  • The front knee does not protrude beyond the toe

Movement execution (with dumbbell):

  • Place dumbbells on the sides of your shoulders
  • Explosively push the dumbbells up when lunging
  • Straighten your back and tense your stomach, chest out
  • Firmly grip the dumbbells, keeping the wrists stable and secure overhead


Skill 3 – Bent Over Dumbbell Row

Rowing is an essential part of a gym. No rowing machine at home? You can row just as effectively with the dumbbell. This exercise specifically strengthens all the muscles of the upper and middle back but also trains muscles such as the biceps, abdominals and lower back muscles.

Starting position:

  • Firm shoulder-width stance, the knees are slightly bent, the butt goes back and the back is slightly in the hollow back position (do not round your back)
  • The stomach and back are tense

Movement execution for wide rowing:

  • Pick up the dumbbells from the ground (transverse) up to knee height with your back straight and stretched arms
  • Then quickly bring the dumbbells to chest height and compress the shoulder blades as much as you can
  • Inhalation when relaxed (dumbbells at knee height), exhalation under stress (squeezing shoulder blades together)